Monday, October 8, 2012

[ Its Coming : Another Wedding ]

Oh Happy Day!!!! 

these photos were non-discreetly stolen from my sister. 

Just looked at that beauty. And yes, that is snow, from the 
Rocky Mountains in the background. Excuse me while I swoon.
 My beautiful sister and her new FIANCE got engaged over the weekend! I could not be more excited them as they begin this next step of their journey together. AND we get to plan another wedding!!!

I am so thankful for technology since they live up in Canada and we're 19 hours of driving away.  Not only did I get the official phone call, I also got to skype and see her beautiful face. Along with all of the other family that was there. I could almost feel the excitement through the phone. It was awesome. 

So, congrats Casey & Mike. 
You two are beautiful people and I am so excited for your future together!
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