Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[ Cinnamon Hearts ]

I really enjoy the Holidays, but considering it's only the beginning of October, I'm trying to hold myself back... I've only listened to Christmas music three times and haven't bought any Christmas decorations (despite them already being out in stores!). I did try a little DIY Pinterest idea that I want to put on my Christmas tree, but 'techincally' they could also be for Fall. So we'll just go with it, ok?

I found a DIY pin for these decorative hearts that only have 3 ingredients and are actually pretty easy to make! Here's what I do:

1.   Mix together 1 cup of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon cloves 
and 1 cup of applesauce.
2.   Mix, mix and mix some more.
 It needs to be completely mixed in.

3.   If your mixture seems really dry and crumbling, 
add more applesauce. 
If it seems really running, add more cinnamon.

4.   On a cutting board, sprinkle some cinnamon 
and roll out your applesauce mixture until it's about 1/4 inch thick.

5.   Using whatever shapes you'd like,
cut out and lay on a cookie sheet.
 (I used small hearts that I bought from Ikea)

6.    Using a small nail or skewer, poke a small hole 
(for the string) to go through in each shape.

7.   I kept on re-rolling out my applsauce mixture until I used it all up.

8.   Bake your cutouts for 2 hours on 200*F.

* You want your shapes to be rock hard, 
so I cooked mine for almost 3 hours then let them cool over night in the oven.

If you want to visit my original source of inspiration:  
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