Thursday, September 20, 2012

[ My Men ]

These are my men. They have a special bond. 
They run, they play, they snuggle, they wrestle. 

I love my men.

Lately, Remington has been running across the road in front of our house. Normally, it's scary because of the amount of traffic that we have. It's a semi-busy road and the speed limit is 45 (and most go about 10 miles over). Normally, those are the only two scary things. BUT the farmer the rents out the land around us is starting to harvest the corn and soy beans. That means awesome new places for Remington to sniff out and run around. AND really fun tractors to run around. Tractors that would squash him like a bug. SO, it's been a bit stressful with him outside. It's like we have a small kid and we have to watch him all the time when he's outside with us. Which is fine, when it's a child. But he's a dog! So. we're still working on this one and figuring this out. I'm hoping once the tractors are put away for the winter. Until then, if anyone has suggestions- let me know, please!
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