Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[ The Cleaning Lady ]

This past weekend, I have a very to do list of things I wanted to accomplish.
It looked like this:
Try a new recipe
Have some friends over
Edit more photos
Sleep in
Weed my garden

I woke up Saturday, early, and wasn't really in any type of mood to get things done but something possessed me and somehow I cleaned for the next 8 hours. I mean cleaned. Windows got washed, baseboards got dusted, cobwebs were conquered and couches met with the vacuum. My to-do list just kept growing and more and more things kept getting checked off.

I got to 4 o'clock and it felt good. Laundry was folded, light bulbs changed, yard picked up... I accomplished way more than my little 5 items I had anticipated doing.I felt like I could conquer the world, which obviously was not true when I sat down and completely crashed afterwards. But, the house is clean and I got to start off my week with no pending laundry or dirty dishes. That's almost like a mini Christmas present to myself!
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