Saturday, September 1, 2012

Being A Wifey

When I got married, I thought that somehow things would be easy. I mean, I was raised in an incredible family where my mum taught us gals how to do the housework stuff like clean bathrooms, not to wash pink undies with whites and how to cook for a multitude of people. I had a dad that vacuum and was an active part of my growing up through hanging out with us girls, showing us how men should treat us and washing dishes after dinner. How is it that after the wedding ceremony, I just magically thought that things would meld together into something beautiful like it had been with my parents growing up? How did I somehow think that growing up in different countries, different families and different cultures would magically just work as one? I was out of my mind. 

So. It’s two years later. Part of me wants to jump for joy. Don’t get me wrong, reading this makes it sound like the first couple years were the worst. Ever. Which is totally and completely not true. A large part of my not only wants to jump for joy, it does jump for joy. I am so proud of the ways that the Hubs and I have learned to communicate. The ways that we have learned to love. The ways that we have learned to work together, as a team, with nothing holding us back. 

But let’s be realistic too. While there’s a part of me that does jump for joy, another part of me wants to keep my head down and keep working. We’re on a role and we’ve got another 60+ years to learn how to do life together. Marriage, love, commitment- is all hard work. I don’t ever want to lose sight of where we are going. Some say that the first couple years is the hardest. It’s a crazy statistic, that when I first kissed the Hubs on our wedding day and cut the cake together, I never thought we’d fall into that category. Well, we’re not invincible. We had to learn who’d do the dishes after dinner. Who would pay the bills. Who would mow the lawn or pay the bills. We learned who turns the off the lights, who is crazy about rinsing dishes after a meal (you’ll never guess who!). 

This was originally meant to be an anniversary post, celebrating something awesome as the Hubs and I reached our 2 year mark. But, then life happened and a month later, I’m finally getting this out. Did something finally click like I expected on our wedding day? Something magical that made us always be on the same page? Heck no. But something did happen: Life. We learned, we struggled, we loved, we forgave. Life is a beautiful thing and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do it with my husband.
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