Thursday, August 30, 2012

PF Changs Wanna-Be

I love PF Changs lettuce wraps. I would order 3 whole orders for them just for my meal if I could, but all of their food is so good that I usually just settle for 1 order. I've wanted to find a gluten free version that I can do at home. I know they sell the PF Changs dinners at the store (check out your local Target), but those are NOT gluten free and I cannot have those without seriously regretting consuming some of their delicious lettuce wraps later on. SO! I decided to use what I had and make my own lettuce wraps.

First, before I started anything else, I took an entire head of lettuce and peeled off entire lettuce leafs. I then rinse each leaf individually in cold water, shook them off and then put on a dinner plate and put into the fridge. This makes them delicious and crisp.

Second, I moved onto the filling for my wraps. I browned some beef (You could do shredded chicken or any other meat you have around, or even just go meat-less and do all veggies).

Third, while the beef was browning, I grabbed all the veggies I could find- most of which came from our own garden.  Including:

Cut them all up into smaller than bite size portions and sauteed them in a tiny bit of olive oil with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and bit of garlic. (Cooking side note - you should only ever use about a cap sized portion when you're cooking with any type of oil. That's typically all you'll need since it goes a long way!). 

Fourth, I went back to the browned beef and drained all of the extra water/fat that had come off of the beef when I was browning it. I then added a bit of an organic tropical sauce that I buy at Trader Joes (and of course cannot remember the name right now!).

Once everything was done cooking, I kept the meat and veggies separate so that the Hubs and I could build our lettuce wraps however we wanted. We sat down and enjoyed a fabulous meal! It was a different taste from PF Changs, but I got my lettuce wraps! I also shredded some lettuce (in other words, it didn't peel off of the head of lettuce nicely) and we had salads with the extra vegetables. It was fantastic, healthy & most of it was straight from our garden.

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