Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[ Working Around the Farm ]

I've been keeping busy around the farm and thought
I'd catch you up with some of the project I've been doing:

 I have the best relaxing spot ever. EVER people. My dog's kennel. That's right. We used to have wood panels half way up our covered & screen in porch. They were uneven and were kind of gross from rain coming on stormy days. Remington had to jump up with his front paws just to see out. Kind of sad when he has to hang out there all day when we're at work. So, we took down the wood panels and grabbed some chicken wire. My sister, Kirsten, and I took an hour to secure it around the entire screen in portion, just in case Remington got pretty excited and tried to run through the screen.

After the chicken wire was up, we strung lights around the rafters, hung up some planters with fragrant petunias and a lantern across the screen. As the sun went down, the porch became a totally different place. It's relaxing, no bugs, soft music and a comfy chair. My dog's kennel is now my outdoor porch that happens to have a dog kennel in it.
Pics to come - my camera batteries just need to charge.

If you have ever visited the Mall of America or have plans to, you need to go to the Amazing Mirror Maze. It's on the third floor past one of the food courts. It's so crazy fun and a bit scary...
you have to go!

I really don't like paying for plants. So this weekend, I went fern hunting. I found a herd of ferns in the forest (no, I'm not making this up). I dug them out and they now reside on the north side of our house! So much better than buying them!

This is how we garden. No, not really. We are moving our garden this year so we can plant more things including sweet corn, pumpkins, potatos, tomotoes and lots of other fun veggies! Since this ground was covered with knee high grass, we got out the disc to really work the soil. We're going to go over it one more time with the tiller and then I can plant! Hurray!!!
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