Friday, May 4, 2012

[ Woah There ]

Life has been nutso recently (yes, that is a real word). The fast pace always seems to catch up with me at the weirdest times. All of a sudden, I realize how tired I am. How much I need coffee. How much I need to sit and soak up the sunshine. How much I need to lean into a friend or two. How much I need to be still before God. I realized as soon as I sat down at my desk early this morning that I need to slow down. So, when the pace of life isn't letting you slow down and your calendar is loaded for the next month or two, how do you do it? I schedule time for me. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes it's the only way- or I forget. I put into my little Google calendar (love it, try it, you will too!) and when it's time for some down time, I do it. So, I'm thinking I might schedule in some Vitamin D time and lay out and read. I'll leave my phone inside and it'll be glorious.

I. Cannot. Wait.

What do you do when life can't slow down but you need to?
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