Thursday, May 10, 2012

[ Why We Lean ]

Last night we had my bestie, Betsy, over so she could see my wonderful sister, Kirsten, before she heads back up north to the mother land- aka Canada. There are two handfuls of people that I can be around that rejuvenate me more than anyone else. My sister, mum and pops, my Hubs and Betsy the Bestie. Her love for people pours from who she is and you can't help but catch onto her enthusiasm. We had a bonfire, invited the Hubs' parents over from next door, my sister's boyfriend got home early from a conference he's at in the area and the evening was perfect. Friends, awesome food, warm weather and eventually a walk through the lush woods. It's those kind of evenings, when you spend time with people you care about and who care about you too, that make a busy life worth it. Everything that seemed so big and daunting earlier in the day just seems to be insignificant as we lean into relationships with others. Despite tiredness from another short night, I feel alive and ready. And that's why we lean into relationships. That's why we lean into people.

This is the man I love. A man not afraid to love his pup. 
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