Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[ Good, Bad & Ugly ]


My beautiful sister, Kirsten is visiting for a week and a bit!
I love having family come stay with us- 
it makes our big farmhouse feel cozier, homier and farmhousier. 

We celebrated the Hubs' 26th birthday this weekend and it struck me how old he is. 
Yeah, I'm following behind him by 7 months, but 26 just seems light years away from 25. 
Anyhow, Happy Birthday Hubs!


I found 2 more places with gluten free food... our local golf course now has gluten free items. 
AND Starbucks makes coffee ice cream. 
Why is this bad? Because I want to eat them. Lots. 
That is bad for my waistline.... 


We deep cleaned two more bedrooms upstairs this weekend. My sister, Kirsten, and I decided to tackle a project that has been hanging over my head for almost 2 years now. Originally, I used the rooms for storage or whatever didn't fit somewhere on the main level of the house. 
Now we can have more guests come and stay! 
Why ugly? Well, we didn't find any alive mice or bats, which is a good thing... BUT the amount of dust and dirt along with the mouse skeleton was pretty gross and would probably qualify as a ugly. 

I'm working pictures so you can see just how different it looks! 
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