Friday, April 13, 2012

[ Friday Good & Bad ]

Hello Happy Friday!

Good Stuff:
Looking forward to a number of things this weekend including my semi annual hair cut. I know, I know... that's not very often. Which is all the more reason to be excited!

I finally used a new nail polish color. I'm in love with grey. Love.

Refound my love for quinoa.
 It's high in protein, mixes with any vegetable and is delicious with chicken or venison! 

Discovered my favorite of all favorite candies at our local grocery store. 
Seriously? Who know Wine Gums were so easily accessible!

Bad Stuff:

Felt pretty sick last night. It might have been something I ate, but it sure made for a short night and super early morning this morning! Luckily, I'm starting to feel better so I'll still get to enjoy my weekend!

It is supposed to rain this weekend. Rain is good for my plants, but not good for someone who really wants to get out and work in her newly plowed vegetable garden! It was so muddy last week, I couldn't do anything while I waited for the beautiful black dirt to dry out. 

Hope you have a happy Friday!
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