Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shoot, I Broke It

A year ago today, I broke my nose.

Heres the story... The Hubs & I played in a broomball league last winter. It was my first time ever playing broomball AND we were in a "competitive" league. In other words, we were the worst team by far in the league but sure had fun playing!

One exceptionally cold Tuesday night, we were playing and losing. The team was very aggressive and not always aware of where people were. They would just plow through people or take hard shots regardless of who was around. A big guy had the ball and since I was not only super tired of losing, being scored on and looking like idiots, I stepped up to the ball. As I stepped up, his stick slid up my stick, up my arm and across my face. This completely knocked me, I hit the ice & woke up screaming. Blood curdling screams where some thought that I was just mad that the other team had scored yet again. But my wonderful and protective Hubs knew that was not a normal scream - even for me when I get a little carried away playing sports.

The Hubs stepped up to the plate asking people to give me space, had someone prop me up and talk to me to keep me conscious. He got coats to put under and on top of me and had someone call 911. That's right, I got my first ambulance ride.

With the amount of blood I lost, I got an ambulance ride to the ER. I won't go into details, but the drugs I got made me super loopy and sick. Then I had drugs to make me feel less loopy and sick which only made it worse. I don't remember a lot of what happened at the hospital. I know that I got a CT scan to see where the breaks were and we found out it was broken in multiple places. Gross. BUT on the bright side, Jesus was looking after us because I broke my nose on the same day that my insurance kicked in. Praise Jesus! AND I hardly bruised or got black eyes... wanna see? I thought so....

Please try to see past this nasty photo that was taken at the worst angle ever.
Just see the nose. It's broken. And the kind of black eye on the left side. It's not too bad!

On the downside, I had to have my nose rebroken. Major bummer! And considering how I reacted to the drugs in the hospital, I elected to not take anything. I probably wouldn't recommend that to anyone, ever, but after my nose was reset, the relief was almost instantaneous!

So, Happy February 1st everyone!
Hope it is better than mine was a year ago!

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