Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Fur-i-day!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Despite the sun shining in my window and the golden rays lighting up the room, it's incredible chilly outside. Watching the news last night, the weather lady said that arctic air was moving our way. Arctic. Burrr! BUT the sunshine makes me excited for the weekend even though I might need to actually wear a winter hat and maybe even some gloves (it happens rarely, even though I do live in the blustery-wintry state of Minnesnowta!). Lots of things happened this week, both good and bad, and I thought I'd just share 'em with you.
The Good

  1. All of my laundry is folded and put away. For those who hate doing laundry as much as I do, and dislike folding it even more, you know how awesome it is to start a weekend with no laundry. If you don't know what's that like and you actually enjoy laundry (you're crazy, by the way), let me just tell you how great and fantastic any weekend is without laundry. 
  2. The Hubs and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tonight. February 10th is close enough, right? We're doing it Australian style and going to Outback. Yum! 
  3. I went running 3 times this week, pushed myself really hard, even broke a sweat and I'm planning on going running today too (yes, before my hot date with the Hubs!)
  4. Remington made friends with 2 puppies, both are 4 months old and the most adorable things you've ever seen. It took him a while to gain confidence and he spent a lot of the playing time on the floor while they owned him- but you have to start somewhere, right? 
  5. I have 2 baby showers this weekend for by wee baby niece who is going to arrive in the next couple weeks. Yay for girls!!!! (Not that I'm partial or anything)
  6. The Hubs and I enjoyed a relaxing walk this week, read about it here: Every Day Prayer and I got the cutest sunset-ooie-gooey-kiss picture... (see the photo above, cute, eh?)
The Bad

  1. Had an emergency vet visit this week with Remy. His eye had been looking a bit rough since Monday, but we thought maybe it would pass (aka we don't really like paying an arm and possibly a leg for a vet bill if we don't have to). But, by Wednesday evening it was looking so much worse that he couldn't even keep his eye open or see out of it. So, Thursday morning we spent an hour and half at the vet which resulted in Remy being tranquilized so Dr. Chuck could poke and prod around his eye. Apparently he has something called moon eye which can be caused by a number of things like bumping it to a fungal infection. His iris (the colored part) is infected, his pupil doesn't dilate and there's a lot of greenish color around his iris. All BAD things... We have to give him 3 different medications through the day, 2 of which go right onto his eye. He just loves that, let me tell you. He refused to cuddle or sit within 10 feet of me last night once we had put the medication in. We are going in for a follow up appointment on Saturday to see if it's gotten any better. 
  2. I really can't think of another bad thing, except that I ate some marshmallows last night when I wanted some sugar and probably should have stuck to my grapes... but I'm not sure if that should really make the list of not... 
Happy Friday to all of you! 
I hope your weekends are wonderful and relaxing!
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