Friday, January 13, 2012

Made it Through Week 1, Almost

Week 1 almost done of Biggest Loser. I started working out on Monday. For those that don't know this about me, I hate sweating. Maybe it's the whole idea that women are not meant to perspire. Women glisten. Anything more than a glisten is disgusting. At least when it comes to me. However, working out sometimes requires a little more than glistening. Especially with this Biggest Loser Challenge. We currently have 5 people, which includes myself, participating. Together we are going to work over the next 4 month on:

Learning a healthier way of living through 
eating right, exercising regularly and 
establishing better lifestyle habits 
with other women who hold you accountable. 

I worked out every single day this week. I drank more water than usual, although there is definitely room for improvement still. I ate better food. Hello fruits and vegetables! I practiced self control and even turned down delicious pizza. I don't know if anything has changed in the weight department (weigh in is on Monday, so truth will come out then!) but I can say that I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

So here's to week 1! I'm almost done. I even sweated when I worked out. Gross! Bring on week 2!

PS. If you still want to join our Biggest Loser: Home Edition Competition, there's still time!!! Just let me know by Monday! Send me a message. Asap.

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