Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gushy-Oohing Animals

Thursdays are the weirdest day of the week. You're no longer at the beginning, but not quite at the end. It's like the middle book or books of a series. I just read the Hunger Games, and I think Thursdays are a lot like Catching Fire. In the middle, with important things going on, but not as good as the conclusion- like a Friday. 

So, on this Thursday, here is a bit of happiness to brighten up your wonderful almost-weekend Thursday!

First, let's watch how dumb our cat can be. Aruba is precious and adorable. However, if something if moving and is not normally moving, she chases it. No exceptions. Even with the television... 

Now, isn't that just fabulous? Just pure entertainment. Oh wait, there's more. You thought you were done, oh no! There's more gushing, oohing and awing about animals to come!

Here's another one of our brilliant pets... Remington. He's actually quite smart considering the following video taken when he was about 6 months old: 

He still chases his tail even though we officially celebrated his 1 year birthday this week (I'm pretty sure the Humane Society was wrong, he's older than a year!) Regardless, he's a great dog and I have a lot of fun with him. Especially when we go for walks.... He likes to place "chase" and "hide-n-seek"

Hope that helps get you to the end of your week! 
Bring it on Friday!!!
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