Friday, January 6, 2012

The Good and The Bad

I feel like I should start with the bad, it makes the ending so much better... so excuse me for starting off like a negative nancy, but you know the happiness is coming!

The Bad:
- Flying home this week. Which meant saying good bye to the fan and not having another trip booked in the near future made it about a hundred times harder.
- Ending vacation. Alarms and early mornings are not my preference, so kissing the sweet end of my 10 whole days off was difficult!
- Having a sick puppy two nights in a row. Poor Remy! But, he is feeling better and had his appetite back today, so I think we are in the clear tonight.
- Unpacking. Need I really say more?

The Good:
- Coming home from the holidays to the two most adoring animals. Remy was beside himself with happiness and couldn't decide which person to go to. Aruba got up every 15 minutes throughout the night just to make sure we were still there and had slept on top of me every night since.
- The Hubs being home. He's between jobs and about to start school again, so he's been home in the morning and made me coffee. AND, he made dinner one night too!
- Eating healthy again. Part of my New Years resolution, but that blog is coming on Monday. Hint: Biggest Loser, Home Edition.
- Sleeping in my own bed. Nothing really compares...
- It's the weekend!

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