Monday, January 2, 2012

Back from the Holidays

I've been on holiday. Maybe you haven't noticed. But it's been a week. A solid week of family. A week of way too much food. A week of laughing and games. And it's been fabulous. Both the Hubs and I highly value the importance of family and since this year we had the opportunity to spend it with my side of the family, taking the time to blog just didn't quite sit right with me. We see my side of the family two maybe three times a year and in those short periods of time, we cram in as much time together as we can.

This holiday, we went jumping a place called Skyhigh. Picture this, a room filled with different arenas, each about the side of a basketball court. Except, there isn't a basketball court, there are trampolines! 30 or so trampolines all next to each other to make one huge arena to jump in. Even the sides are tilted and have trampolines to jump on!

Another huge highlight was our New Years Eve Bowling Night. We waited for two lines for over an hour and may have had more fun waiting than actual bowling. Equipped with a camera and many goofy sisters, we had a blast. Bowling was great too, but none of us are looking promising for the bowling Olympics. Several of us did break 100, which is always a feat to be mentioned!

Coffee dates, learning a new game (Ticket to Ride), many shopping trips to the mall and countless hours drinking lattes and eating one too many peanut butter balls made for an incredible holidays. It's pulling to a close as the Hubs and I return to (hopefully snowy) Minnesota tomorrow.

To come: New Years Resolutions
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