Sunday, December 11, 2011


Do you know what a wordle is? I'll show you, then I'll explain...

You take a website (like a blog), paper or any other large grouping of words and you dump them into this word generator at: It will then generate this word picture for you. The bigger the word the more times it has been used.

The wordle above is from this blog. I obviously really like dogs, the Hubs, Christmas and the word 'just'. I suppose I should try to cut back a bit. It's just so easy and just so good.

Pretty cool, you should check it out sometime. Oh and I should mention, you can change the colors, font, direction of words and delete words. So plan to spend a bit of time with a wordle, they're great!

There is also a gallery that has wordles that others have created, here's a fun one. They took the constituion and dumped all the words into this wordle thingy (really technical, I know):

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