Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Im Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Christmas is four days away. Can we all just take a moment to shout and scream and do the funky chicken dance in the privacy of our offices or homes. Four days. I'm sorry, but where did July or October go? Let alone December. Wasn't it just December 1st and I was wrapping presents and rearranging all of my Christmas decorations for the umpteenth time? Anyhow, It's now December 21st and Christmas is literally right around the corner.

Our little farmhouse is bursting with decorations...

Our stockings are hung BACK up as the Hubs and I celebrated a mini Christmas together last weekend:

This year, I got a bit creative. In one of the old sheds, I found an old screen. I washed it up a bit, but not too much since I didn't want to lose some of it character. I then took a wreath I got on clearance at Target last year (the very best time to shop for Christmas decorations) and used ribbon and a tack to secure it on the top of the window screen. And there you go: a Christmas decoration on a budget. The cute Christmas skate is a present from my sister-in-law, which she also made herself. Old skate + a bit of greenery + pine cone + ribbon = another very easy to do, rustic looking Christmas decoration.

Our tree is up, but unfortunately, I somehow did not take a finished picture of it. It'll come, promise. I am stuck on the color red. Red ribbons, decorations and everything. Our tree is decorated with a snowflake  and woodsy theme. 

Merry 4 Days till Christmas! 
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