Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Family Christmassy Celebration

We celebrated our first christmassy celebration on the season with the Hubs' side of the family. Currently, there are only 2 grandkids (2 more being added this winter- no, it's not us doing the adding. I probably would have announced something so stinking awesome like that in a much bigger, grander fashion. Duh.). However, the 2 grandkids are now 4 and so much fun to celebrate Christmas with. They love the Christmas story, delivering presents to everyone's laps to be opened, helping opening everyone's gifts and so on. It was great!

Some of our fabulous gifts included: a journal Bible for me, chisel set for the Hubs, remote police car and classic Odessy cds for the kids and the list goes on.... It was a great afternoon! And the best part is that this is only the beginning! Next weekend, we celebrate with the Hubs' grama and the weekend following that, we are headed out to celebrate with my family. It's just the beginning of the great Christmassy celebration!!!

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