Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Thanksgiving weekend & an early Christmas all rolled into one makes for a fantastic four days filled with friends and family. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

After stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and dressing (Not stuffing), cranberries, jello salads and everything else Thanksgiving related, we went for a walk in the woods. Remington came with and got to experience his first outing in the woods. It was great. My two men matched with their hunting orange, I just love it!

Black Friday Shopping. Starting with Target at midnight, the Hubs came with me. The line was RIDICULOUS. It wrapped around the store and we discovered where the loading docks were. The lines were roped off to keep people from cutting in line and they had "security" making sure it was enforced. At midnight, 30 people were let in every 60 seconds, there were carts ready to go as you walked in and Starbucks was handing out mini hot chocolates. We found the stuff we needed as were pushed and pulled out way through the hordes of people inside and then we decided to check out. We waited in line for an hour. 60 minutes people! The line wrapped to the back of the store and wove between the isles of books and magazines. If you hate Black Friday shopping, you would have been miserable. It was kind of fun though, the atmosphere was buzzing, people were excited and Christmas has finally arrived!!!

Since Christmas season has official arrived, the Hubs' side of the family welcomed it in with the annual family Christmas weekend. Usually we all get together for a big turkey dinner on Saturday and spend the day laying low before the cousin's exchange gifts in white elephant gift fashion. This year was done a little bit different. After our incredible turkey dinner, we played organized games. It was a mixed of Minute-to-Win-It, competitive cooking, competitive gingerbread building and puzzle solving. It was awesome! Divided into 4 teams that were each headed up by the Hubs' aunt and uncles, the competition was fierce. The competitive cooking ended up with pretzels covering the floor, oyster crackers in the rafters and upside down tables being held down by all the chairs. The gingerbread building was the most intense as each team had to solve a puzzle to find out what they were building (A John Deere Tractor). As soon as the puzzle was solved, the teams were off. Some of the creations were incredible - just look at the pictures above. Others were creative - see above. It was awesome though! So much fun!

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as great and you are ready to start the Christmas Holiday season!
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