Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Christmas Tree is Ready!

Few things warm my heart like Christmas. As cheesy as it sounds, Christmas is the one time of year that I feel like I can be sappy and truly embrace whatever true Martha Stewart I have stored deep down inside. Christmas is the time when it's okay to bake six pans of goodies and deliver them in decked out boxes and ribbon on top to friends just because you want them to be as excited about the Holidays as you are. Christmas is the time when I will listen to Michael W. Smith and belt out my favorite Christmas carols. Christmas is the time when I will take time to coordinate my wrapping paper and strategically organize the tree so as to look the very best they can. Christmas is also 43 days away. At least that's how most people see it. I see it as there are only 43 days left where it is okay and acceptable to celebrate the Christmas season. There are ONLY 43 DAYS PEOPLE! Only! Therefore, I am celebrating starting yesterday. With Lady Antebellum belting out Christmas songs from their album last year, the Hubs and I decorated our Christmas tree.

Thanks to Target's Birchwood Chalet, our reprtaire of holiday decorations has seriously grown over the past couple years. Last year, our tree was sad. It looked like we were on a strict budge and chose to get a really cool big real tree and chose NOT to get the decorations to put on it. So this year, we have more. Which, from the looks of it in the picture above, the decorations need to be moved around a bit. That is one serious and very bad bald spot right in front. I'm going to need to fix that.
At least the front looks a bit better. 

Along with decorating for Christmas, there are so many other things that really make the holidays special. Things like having the whole family together, all five girls, their men and mum and dad. It happens about twice a year now, which may seem sad but just makes it all that more special when we are together. Everything else that makes the holidays special seem to fall under the family category, like going for coffee together, watching reruns of friends, talking until late at night, having a banagrams tournament (yes, you heard me, it should be a competitive sport!). Christmas means so much more than decorating a tree or the house. It means so much more than getting awesome presents. Christmas is family. Christmas is my favorite time of year. And I just can't wait. 43 more days to go.
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