Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bestie Betsy

My Besty Betsy. 
She is fabulous lady. 

She is also probably going to bring some serious butt whooping after I post this picture. Regardless, she is my bestie. Someday, she'll have to tell you the story of how we became friends. It includes us meeting as she was rifling through my dorm room drawers trying to find pens and paper. It also includes her asking me to room with her the next year. Our story also includes lots of laughs, tears and heart sharing. More than anything it includes patience. She is an incredibly patient and loving woman of God who has been a great friend to me. College brings transition. Celiac brought even more transitions. She was there for it all.

We FINALLY celebrated her birthday a couple of weekends ago. Only 4 months late. We painted pottery. If you have never painted pottery. You must go. Absolutely. We had so much fun!


Happy Late Birthday to the Best Bestie!

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