Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo Challenge: Time to Catch Up

Day 14: Flowers

I love walking. 
I just take my camera and walk around the pastures around the farm. 
We don't have any cattle to watch out, which means no cow pies. 
Tonight, as Remington and I were going for a walk, the sun was setting. 
It's golden rays didn't last long, but I did manage to get this photo. 
A beautiful dead thistle. Whatevs. I love it.

Day 15: My Shoes

Boat shoes. It's where they are at right now.
Super comfy. Not dorky with shorts. 
Cute with capris. Yup, boat shoes rock.

Day 16: What I Ate
Holland Chili. My favorite on a brisk fall day. 
The ingredients are simple: ground hamburger, beans (whatever kind your heart feels like), tomato paste, mustard, brown sugar and chili powder. 
It's a sweeter chili, but so good. I don't measure anything. 
I just dump it all in and hope for the best, which is usually pretty good!

Day 17:  On the Shelf
Christmas decorations are out. 
This may be the earliest I have ever seen. 
If it keeps getting earlier and earlier every single year, does that mean that eventually it'll be Christmas year round? I'd take that. I love Christmas. Just kidding. I think I like it so much because it is once a year and only for a short period of time... 72 days. 16 hours. 37 minutes to go. Have you started shopping yet?

Day 18:  In My Bag
My two newest, most favoritest thing in my bag and maybe even my life right now. 
Mint green nail polish and Bath and Body works Twilight Woods lotion. 
Amazing. Both of them.

Day 19: Where I slept
I am not a floral type of gal. I like solids. I like neutral colors.
This comforter screams anything but Kylie.
I love the floral with stripes.
I feel like it is a hard style to pull off, but when it get it as a set, you can't go wrong, hey?

Day 20:  What I read

I like to read books. 
I prefer to hold a book, but for traveling 
(or for this occasion in the hammock) an ebook is wonderful.
PS. Another awesome nail color - fushia.

Day 21:  Pretty Pattern

Bogs. Bogs on Blogs. Weird.
Anyhow, bogs are fantastic. Kind of like a rubber boot.
Kind of like a winter boot. 
Mine go to -40 degree (Fahrenheit people) and my feet never get wet.
Meet my new stylish hunting boots. 
I'm in love.

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