Sunday, October 16, 2011


My posting has become a bit irregular. In the blogging world, that's generally a huge no no. Huge. But, it happened. Hopefully with the start of a new week, I can turn something around.

The Hubs and I hosted our second annual Fall Festival Party this weekend! Bonfires, target practice, climbing old farm structures (the windmill and one of the silos - despite my protesting), delicious food and of course THE hayride. I think it might be the highlight of the fall season. The Hubs drives the tractor, pulling the hay rack loaded up with hay bales. There was screaming, ducking from branches, lots of bumps and falling off the bales. There is also a strong possibilities that the Hubs found all of the biggest holes and bumps as well as perfectly planned and executed stop and go's. It was fabulous.

Even though we just had our Fall Festival Party, it already feels like fall has slipped by. Most of the leaves have fallen to the ground and the bare skeletons of the trees are showing their bony spines. In the forecast, there is a possibility of below freezing temps this week and snow flurries. Say what? Yes, snow flurries.  Don't seriously hate me right now, but I'm stoked. For those who don't use the word stoked in their common conversational language, I am super excited. Except, super excited doesn't sound as cool as stoked. Anyhow, snow flurries. I'm stoked.

So, here's to a new week. Hopefully yours is fabulous.

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