Friday, September 2, 2011


Dark storm clouds rolled in last night and brought rainy, stormy weather. While the humidity in the air may have lifted, the melancholy feeling that rains often brings with it stayed behind. I don't mind melancholy feelings, often because they bring a reflective mood that reminds me of important things. Like family. I like to think about my family and how much and wish that I could just will them all to live a lot closer. 20 miles away max. Today, I'm thinking specifically about my sisters. We had the opportunity to Skype as an entire family last night. Technology is a wonderful and beautiful thing when it helps a homesick heart. It is wonderful when you just want to have a good laugh. My sisters always make me laugh. They are goofy and wonderful. My sisters have huge hearts that love me more than I probably know. My sisters are all amazing people.

Allow me to share them with you... 

Kirsten, Kylie (Me), Kitty, Kara and Casey

The Younger Years
 Hopefully, I won't be in trouble for posting some of these incredible photos to document our past, complete with bowl cuts, wolf t-shirts and knobby knees.


The Better Years
Last girls outing before I got married, scavenger hunt & bachelorette party
Kirsten, Kara, Kylie (me), Kristi (Cousin), Kitty and Casey

My sisters are beautiful people. They are hilarious. They are goofy. They are creative. They are athletic. They are smart. Just being around my sisters seems to make me goofier, more athletic and smarter.

So, let the storm clouds roll in. I like a day or two to think about the family I come from and the family I belong to.

This photo sums up so much of life growing up in a house with 6 gals

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