Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. Tractor

 Living out in the country on an old farm brings many new opportunities that I never had growing up in the urban world. I have had to learned to drive different tractors, like these little guys...

 I haven't mastered driving the big ol' honkin John Deer yet, as that would entail understanding when  and how to use the bucket, which includes more levels. No thank-you, I'm still at the beginners level which includes backing up, hooking the trailer or driving forward. I really only drive when Jay is busy with a trailer or we really need a second tractor to help as we're working to clean up the incredible amounts of buckthorn living around the farm buildings.

I like driving the tractors. They are big machines with lots of power. I get to sit up high, a lot higher than my little car I drive on the road. Remington runs in circles when we get any of the tractors out. He even gets excited when the riding lawnmower makes an appearance. That dog just loves motorized things. Bring out the chainsaw, you'd think we'd just given him a fresh bone wrapped in sauteed chicken.  

No Saturday is complete without using one of the tractors and hauling away some brush, cleaning up part of the farmyard or emptying a hayrack piled high of branches. 

Thank-you Mr. Tractor.

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