Friday, July 15, 2011


Today is Friday. Today marks the second week I've finished at my new job. Today is the first day of my new work out program: CrossFit. My goal: lose a bit of weight and get a bit healthier in the whole process. A friend of mine is a very talented individual in understanding how to train the body in a healthy way paired alongside with nutritional needs. He is practically a personal trainer and has agreed to help me. So today was day 1 of cross fit. I thought I was going to die, or maybe just pass out right there on the floor of the weight room. We did 4 sets of 3 different exercises, doing 10 reps each. It was 20 minutes of pure sweat mixed with rolling waves of wanting to keel over and throw-up. Great mental picture, right? After, all I could manage to do was throw my hair up in a ponytail because anything may have cause more waves of nauseousness. Seriously, it is that intense. Here's a CrossFit website if you want to check it out a bit more:  CrossFit Website

I hope I won't be too sore tomorrow, we are going to out to hang out with some of the Hubs' fam and, if the weather permits, get out on the lake and enjoy some good ol' skiing and tubing. I have yet to get out this summer and can't wait!

So Happy Friday! This is short and sweet, just like all Fridays should be! Have a great weekend!
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