Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweltering-Melting Mess

It is sweltering outside. The second I set foot outside of the house, I begin melting. Slowly, but surely, I'm melting away in this heat wave. I attempted to lay out and tan yesterday, which last all of 30 minutes because of how hot I was. Our thermometer on our back porch read 100 degrees yesterday afternoon (and yes, that is the coolest, most awesome thermometer you have ever seen, admit it!). The Hubs even caved and brought down the window AC unit (no, our little farmhouse does not have AC). We were laying on the flooring trying to soak up all and any of the air stirred up by the ceiling fan, when he had an incredible epiphany that the AC unit would make watching TV (the Bachelorette to be specific- don't judge!) much more enjoyable. Remington just lays on the kitchen floor, melting as well, but in his thick coat of puppy fur, I'm afraid he's 50 times hotter than me and the Hubs. But he hates getting wet, so he continues to lay on the floor and pant.

If anyone has an tips for managing in this sweltering-melting weather, tell me. Please. I'd love to hear it.
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