Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amish & America

Have you ever visited the Amish? In Pennsylvania, Illinois or Minnesota? They live such a fasinating way of life. No electricity, no curtains, horse pulled buggies and plows. Incredible. Every time we go visit, I feel as though I stepped back in time by like 100 years. The last time the Hubs and I were down, we ordered a custom made bed from Dennis (Awesome Amish Man). He makes beautiful handmade furniture doing everything from desks to beds to tables to chairs. He is will to try new things (not standard for the traditional Amish) and can usually figure it out from just a picture of what you are thinking. The man is brilliant and made an amazing piece of furniture with our bed.


His farm is nestled in some hills south of Rochester, Minnesota. While we were visiting and picking up our furntiure, his four children were playing around the farm. Singing and chasing each other. All of them in their bare feet running across the gravel came to meet us- the newcomers. None of them spoke to us unless we asked them a question. The littlest one, who Dennis said is two, just stared at us with her huge beautiful eyes. Taking it all in, sometimes sneaking in a shy smile to me and my sister-in-law. The Amish do not allow pictures of themselves, I did sneak one of the littlest girl as she was looking away from the camera.

Memorial Day 
We also celebrated Memorial Day, complete with a ceremony to remember the men and women who have served the United States to preserve and protect our freedom. That's one thing that I appreciate being a part of my Hubs' family as they have a heartfelt appreciation for veterans AND they express it. Part of this comes from the Hubs' grandpa serving in World War II. It has taken me a while to begin sharing these feelings. For a while, it felt weird. It's different from how I grew up, especially not being American. However, since my recent discovery that I am an American (Thanks Bill Clinton and your Child Citzenship Act!), I am trying to learn to appreciate my country more. Yes, my country. Maybe someday, that will not feel weird when I say it. I still may not be the most patriotic person. However, this Memorial Day, I did decorate. I put up two American flag banners on the front of our little farmhouse.

One last thought
Bear with me as I jump around one last time. On the job front, both the Hubs and I have potentials. In the past week, we have both had interviews and the Hubs has a callback for a second and possibility third interview. I should hear back from my potential job opportunity by the end of the week. Jobs have been hard for both of us. I wrote a while ago about  the struggles and triumphs that we've had throughout this whole process. It has been hard! Financially and emotionally it's been downright dang draining! Through the Hubs' job search since he graduated from college to my being let go from my last job, we have learned so much about each other, spending habits and how much God just really truly loves the snot right out of us. We are always provided for, we always have each other at the end of day and we are always going to have God as our foundation and strength. So, as we go into this important time, would you pray for us? I'll keep you posted with results from both of our opportunities.
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