Sunday, May 8, 2011

You have to go!

What a fabulous weekend! If you are ever in the Midwest, live in the Midwest or have plans to come to the Midwest, GO TO THE WISCONSIN DELLS. It rocks, seriously. It is a must. The awesome buildings, creativity behind the rides not to mention the beautiful scenery all makes for an incredible time. We stayed at the Wilderness Territories, complete with 3 indoor waterparks, 4 outdoor waterparks, go-carts and pretty anything anyone's heart could ever desire. I know, crazy, hey? The whole Hubs' clan and my visiting #3 sister spent two very full days squeezing every last second out of our time in the water. Every park had a different theme, amazingly scary slides (My goal was to lose my voice, which I didn't but I did succeed in screaming on every slide- success in my books) and really really cool areas for smaller kids (kind of made me wish I was like 20 years younger and I could ride down the really cool kids slides, which would be awkwardly inappropriate now). We ran from slide to slide, took a break in the wave pool- where I almost died (NO I AM NOT KIDDING OR EXAGGERATING), then rode some more slides. Needless to say, exhaustion is setting in. I'm craving just laying on the couch and completely zoning out watching television while reflecting on the crazy swimwear people actually CHOSE to wear and remembering the terrifying-scream-required Hurricane slide. Weekend getaways are fun.. Seeing new things, exploring the wonderful Midwest. BUT it's always nice to come home. Especially when you are greeted by the happiest little puppy who's little butt just can't stop wiggling he's so excited to see you. It's nice to be home to your own sleep-like-a-baby bed, gluten free food you don't worry about and a delicious cup of caramel cappuccino from the good ol' espresso machine.

 Here's the link if you want to see this crazyfun place.

PS..... For those who don't know, I have the best mother in the world. Yes, the whole wide world. She taught me to be a woman of God, be independent, how to do my laundry and the correct way to fold shirts. No matter what anyone tries to tell me, there is a wrong & a right way to fold shirts. Pants too. She taught me cool things in school like phonetics, which I hated passionately at the time but am so so so glad that I know the different sounds "ough," "ea," and "ei" can make and the rule of using "I" before "E" except after "C". Seriously, it's helped me more than any other subject, even math! I learned Holland Chili from her, the power of Dawn soap and a thorough deep felt appreciation for a good cup of espresso drank slowly to savor all the flavor. I love my mother. Happy Mother's Day Mum!
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