Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remy Recap

Good Morning to all! I thought I would cheer up this cloudy and kind of dreary Tuesday morning with some adorable pictures of the cutest little pup in the whole wide world....

We recently got him a new bed, which he is quickly growing into. He loves his new bed. This morning, as I was getting ready to go to my wonderful annual female doctor's appointment (ew, gross, disgusting, puke - I KNOW!), Remington did not want to get up. He just LOVES laying on his new bed. It is made of cedar chips and other soft things and covered with a fluffy cover, which of course has camouflage on one side.
Look at how big he has gotten!? He can already reach the counter tops and the stove if he quickly sneaks in a jump up. Of course I scold him and sometimes give him a little swat on the butt (not too hard though, don't worry!). I can't even imagine the pictures when I have children someday. There just might be hourly updates of: "look how big!", "bigger now", "even bigger now". It is going to be ridiculous people... for now, enjoy how cute my puppy is!
Okay, last one. I know this is not the clearest, but it is just so dang cute. Remy has gotten really fast. We are talking full on sprint, I-know-I-just-did-something-wrong, you cannot catch him. For having such short little legs, he is so dang fast. I blame it on the fact that he has twice as many legs I do. However, when he takes off, I just hope I can distract him (or abuse his love for food) and offer him a treat to get him to come back as he runs off into the sunset.

I  know what you are thinking, "Where in the world are photos of Aruba?" That's exactly what you are thinking, I know. However, Aruba is a little camera shy. Maybe she has figured out what when I pull out the big-black-clicky thing, it's time to scatter. She disappears almost every time I get it out. Remington on the other hand is quite the model. He does all sorts of cute things like roll in the grass, let the wind blow his ears back, cocks his head to the side. He is a little ham and I love it. So, excuse Aruba for being a diva, but maybe I'll get some with my phone sometime soon and you can "oooh" and "ahhh" over her cuteness too!
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