Monday, May 2, 2011

Exploring & Hospitals

We spent part of the weekend running around outside. We explored the old Turkey barn, found deer bones and some of us had the luxury of taking naps. We also had to drive down to the hospital a couple of times. The Hubs’ grandpa had surgery and we went to visit him a couple of times. While we were visiting this weekend, I realized how nervous hospitals make me. So, I jotted down a couple thoughts to distract me since I had forgotten my good friend Harry Potter at home. Here’s what I wrote sitting in the CafĂ© enjoying a delicious machine-made cappuccino in the largest size Styrofoam cup:

I have never tried writing a blog from anything but a laptop of some type of computer with a full keyboard so that I can use all ten fingers. Currently, I am on my precious Evo which I love oh so much but unfortunately lacks said keyboard. So here it goes with my right hand thumb.

We are sitting in the hospital waiting for one of the Hubs’ grandparents to get out of surgery. Everything sounds hopeful. He is one heck of a fighter and has beaten the odds since ago 30, which he wasn’t supposed to live past. Crazy. He is now 91 and one of the greatest old people I know. However, we are sitting in a hospital. I have to be honest. Hospitals give me the willies. The smells remind me of memories I almost forgot about visiting my great grandma in the hospital before she passed away. I l remember the dark hospital room with pale curtain half closed, her papery cool skin, the clean smell that permeates somewhere deep inside your nose, her tired smile and I remember the sad feeling in the room. I miss my grandma. I remember her smile. It was soft. I don’t remember what her voice sounded like, or how she spoke- maybe we have the same inflections, I’ll never know.

To give an update on Grandpa, he is doing well and recovering beautifully. Like I said, he’s one heck of a fighter. He’s already cracking jokes and asking for more grandbabies.

Remy & Aruba are calling my name as well as my coffee with french vanilla creamer mixed with hazelnut and breakfast. Here's one last shot from this weekend. Goofy pup....

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