Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smacked by a 2x4

Relationships are important. I'm not just saying this because I am a woman. Not just because I grew up in a household with a ratio of 6 women to 1 man (Almost 2 if you count our neutered cat). Not just because I enjoy getting together for a cup of joe with a girlfriend where we talk about everything under the sun in two short hours and fifty miles an hour. While all of those things are true, I'm saying relationships are important because every once in a while, I am reminded of their importance. Somehow, it's like I forget only to be reminded by a 2x4 slap across the face with reality.

This time, reality smacked me good as my friend at work put in her two week notice today. To say I am bummed is such an understatement. Everybody is where they are for a reason. I am here for a reason. God is big enough to be able to handle something like that. I know I am at my job for a purpose. Part of that being that I need to learn about Kylie. Learn how I work, what makes me tick and what does not. My friend putting in her notice smacked me into next week as I realized why I am so disappointed and bummed. I need friends. I crave relationships. Hear me out, we are not just talking acquaintances here people, deeper than that. The friendships where you spend significant amounts of time together, you can take on each others differences, appreciate their ideas and thoughts and agree to disagree. I crave that. Yes, I know it's not the end. But as reality hits again, it's just a hard one to take. A hard lesson to learn yet again.

On a happier note, t-minus 6 days until yet ANOTHER sister comes to visit. Can I just say how excited I am? I am SUPER excited! I cannot wait! I had Boda Girl #4 come visit just over a week ago and it was fabulous. And just a couple weeks before that, if you remember right, my mother was here visiting. You can read about our adventures: Avoiding Good-Byes. It's been a fabulous spring! Now, next week Boda Girl #3 is going to be here for a week. Hopefully, just hopefully Mr. Weather will get his act together and stop threatening us with snow, hold off on the rain and bring in some 75+ degree weather. I really don't think that's asking too much, right?
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