Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Morning Walks

The Hubs and I got really lucky with our kitten and puppy. Our cat, Aruba was potty trained within 10 minutes of her arriving at our house and she has been fantastic ever since. She has the best personality, full of fun playfulness and likes to play fetch (Yes, you read that right. She will bring you toys for you to throw and then she will retrieve them and play fetch - basically she's awesome). We also got a really good puppy. We don't leash him when we take him for walks in the pasture, he only has accidents when we don't realize why he is whining and he really just wants to cuddle on your lap. This morning when Remington and I went for a walk, I didn't even have to call for him, he just stayed close and always checked to make sure I was still close enough for comfort for him.

I'm starting to like this puppy thing even more. I started my morning with a walk this morning. It was a short walk, but was filled with the songs of birds and wind moving through the tree branches. Remington and I enjoyed our morning walk that is becoming a habitual trek down to the tree line as he scouts out the best bathroom spot and sniffs for small animals throughout the grass. I have been on more walks around our property since we first got married. I love being outside and letting the stillness just wash over me. It's relaxing and refreshing, reminding me why I am alive. Why I am here. I love having to get up a little earlier in the morning (I'd still like it more if it was sunny and warmer and we did not have a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow, but you just have to take what you can get, right?). Early mornings are hard to adjust to, but there's just something refreshing about them. I think it's knowing that you have a full day in front you, you have the opportunity to start new, choosing how you respond, choosing how you will live this day to the fullest of it's given potential. For who know me a bit better, know that I am not a morning person. I need coffee, a hot shower and at least 30-45 minutes to just wake up. Yet, there is still the anticipation of a new day that gets me going.

Those are my thoughts as I start off my Tuesday morning. Yes, I am choosing to be positive, I hope it isn't too obvious... I am excited to go home for lunch with Remington and Aruba and then hangout with the Hubs tonight.... 7 hours to go!
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