Monday, March 28, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays. There is just something about a Sunday afternoon that is so inviting and relaxing. Some Sundays we watch Nascar or football depending on the time of year. Right now, it's Nascar, which-yes seems a bit out of the norm for even me- however, it is actually not too bad as the lull of the cars go round and round the track, often putting both of us to sleep. Other Sundays, we read the paper, a good book or just skip the lullaby of Nascar and go straight for a nap.

Yesterday, after a good lunch of homemade guacemole for me and grilled cheese for the Hubs, we walked out to the Maple Syrup Shack, also known as the Sugar Shack. It is about a half a mile walk (give or take a bit - I'm not always the best judge of distance). The walk is beautiful though as you can either walk through the swamp & creek bed or up through the trees. Both treks are beautiful as the woods are just so peaceful and relaxing. The stillness brings a type of peace that few places can bring. It's probably why the Hubs& I love them so much.

We stoked the fire and enjoyed the quiet stillness of the woods behind our house. I brought out my good friend Harry Potter as I am working my way through the series for a second time. Soon we were joined by some more McCoys and enjoyed good conversation as we made hot dogs and s'mores and split some wood.

There is just something about Sunday afternoons that I love. Perhaps I am clinging to the fact that yet another weekend has slipped by way too quickly. Perhaps it is the dreadful thought that I am going to have to get up to an alarm in the morning instead of the warm sunshine pouring through our windows. I just love Sundays...
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